Heart to Heart Message from the Founders:

imageWe want to personally welcome and thank you for visiting us. We are honored to have you interested in our premier Private Duty In-home careservices.

First of all, we are driven by inspiration and values that naturally emanates from being believers of the Higher Power than ourselves - Almighty God. By faith, we seek to live with "God first-You next-Me last" principle. We strive to be in harmony with His will, nurture a more Christ-like character, exhibit tolerance and respect with everyone - these constitutes our guiding principles in all our personal and business relationships.

Secondly, we are a "family" of professional care-givers. Míshlê, its employees and clients are like one big family. Our utmost goal is to create a wholesome family-client-relationship and have the passion to serve with the highest quality service possible with the hope to earn your trust and let us care for you or for the one you love the most. Whether you are looking for help for yourself, family members, or for others, we can help.

Thirdly, we run the extra mile to give you more comfort, safety, and peace of mind. We don't want to add any more worry, burden and confusion to your already existing busy schedule of juggling between careers, family, personal life, and the attention and care your loved ones needs. Have the freedom to enjoy your life fully and still have the blessings of caring for your loved ones through our trained professional Caregiver Specialists.

Fourthly, if you're overwhelmed with the task of finding the right help from too many providers, you've come to the right place. Here at Míshlê all good things are possible and we will strive to make things plain and simple to make your life brighter and easier. We patiently guide you to receive complete and proper information to help you make the right and intelligent decision to get more of the help you want with utmost care, respect, and integrity. We may promise less but we do more for you for less. Together we assess your needs and we will endeavor to fulfill it to your satisfaction.

Lastly, we offer a FREE-NO-OBLIGATION-NO HASSLE consultation at your own time and convenience. You can decide for yourself what, when, where, and how you want us to serve you best.

We invite you now to please feel free to browse or call 1-877-351-1190 and let us show you how our unique and invaluable services will benefit you and your love ones. Get to know us and you will discover and experience the Míshlê difference. We hope to hear from you soon and be of service to you. Thank you and God bless.

Martin R. Lagundino Jr., Co-Founder & CEO
Joy E. Lagundino, Co-Founder & CFO

Welcome to
Míshlê Home Care

What Sets Us Apart from the Rest?

When special personal care is necessary for families and their loved ones, it is absolutely critical to choose a dual team of a care provider and a caregiver who are both considerate, compassionate and can deliver the finest quality care you can admire and trust. Míshlê and its caregivers are here devoted for that purpose. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality non-medical private duty in-home care and services in ways that respect and respond to people’s fundamental needs. We pursue it with great pride which steered Míshlê to pioneer the Míshlê Advantage Program — a new and innovative approach to caring, unprecedented in our industry.

Míshlê ADVANTAGE PROGRAM™ (M.A.P): MAP means real peace of mind; real sincere people; real quality service; real compassionate care. MAP is your pathway to in-home care quality service and satisfaction. We are driven by our earnest desire to serve with professionalism, compassion, integrity, diligence, and the passion to meet or even exceed your expectations.

1. REAL PEACE OF MIND: Client Care Satisfaction Guarantee or No Fee* – unmatched in our industry. If at any time you are unhappy with our in-home care and services, we are committed to resolving that issue in a timely, thorough and caring manner. If an agreeable solution for your satisfaction is not met, we credit you for the hour(s) of service that you’re dissatisfied*. It is that simple. Read More » Look no farther; we stop at nothing for our client’s satisfaction. We know that you would take nothing less than the best to be certain that you or your loved one will receive the finest quality of care. We don’t pretend to be the best; we strive to do the best. We are confident that we are your best choice to entrust the care of yourself or your loved one. We run the extra mile to give you more comfort, safety, and peace of mind. We invite you now to get to know us and you will discover and experience the Míshlê difference. *Call for more information.

2.REAL SINCERE PEOPLE: Dependable and Competent Professional Caregiver specialists who truly gives of themselves. Our Caregiver Specialists are professionals in their field of care. Besides God, they are the secrets behind our success and trustworthy service. They are passionate to serve above and beyond the ordinary – committed to the well-being of individuals or families they care for and not merely to serve but to become a part of them.

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People that render services for Míshlê are products of our stringent hiring practices and training. Míshlê requires thorough screening and in-depth evaluation for attitude, competency, and trustworthiness. Our rigorous hiring practices includes but not limited to the following:

  • Required fingerprinting/criminal background checks
  • Licensure/certification verified
  • Drug screening
  • Sex offender registry verified
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Work and personal references verified
  • Continuing education – at least 8 class hours or more annually
  • Year-round coaching, training and support
  • Continuous quality and improvement process including performance evaluation, client satisfaction surveys, and employee satisfaction/suggestion surveys
  • Physical examination
  • TB test and/or evidence of satisfactory health status
  • CPR training certificate where required
  • Confidentiality/privacy agreement
  • Employee not a contractor
  • Diligent, compassionate, and caring

3. REAL QUALITY SERVICE: We Are Here To Help, Not A Burden. Our primary purpose is to help you or your loved one achieve a more meaningful and brighter life even in the worst of situations. We understand the challenges that families encounter to find the right help desired in the complex world of caregiving responsibilities. Providing care for a loved one in a time when it is needed the most is overwhelming and it requires thorough inquiry, decisive judgment, patience, compassion, love and dedication.

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We exist to help reduce the stress and anxiety that can occur during this time of need. We don’t want to add any more worry, burden and confusion to your already existing busy schedule of juggling between career, family, personal life, and the attention and care your loved one need. Have the freedom to enjoy your life and still have the blessings of caring for your loved one through our trained professional Caregiver Specialists. With our unwavering commitment to make the finest quality service accessible to anyone in need of personal care, we offer the following service assurances to give you more peace of mind:

  • access to in-home care and services 24/7
  • around-the-clock customer service and support
  • guaranteed caregiver-client compatibility
  • guaranteed no advance or down payments
  • guaranteed no sales pressure
  • guaranteed no long contracts
  • guaranteed easy modification to existing contracts
  • Guaranteed no cancelation fee at any time
  • Guaranteed customization of a service care plan unique for each client
  • assurance of comfort, safety, and privacy
  • foster freedom and independence
  • ways to save time and money
  • can be tailored to work within your budget
  • we are fair, easy and deal-friendly type of people to do business with
  • fits to your lifestyle and more…

4. REAL COMPASSIONATE CARE: All Good Things are Possible – exceptional in our industry. Caring for ailing and/or physically disabled individuals is not an easy task. It is not for the faint in heart. It requires inner strength, courage, patience, empathy, love, sincerity, selfless devotion and the spirit of cheerfulness. We are passionate to serve with a heart, not merely actuated by one’s profession, but by the unseen rewards of purposely touching lives – giving total support, hope, and encouragement. We aspire and strive to be a source of blessings and compassion. Read More » Although we made an effort to provide a comprehensive list of a wide range of a non-medical in-home care and services, we realized that we cannot predict everything that our clients might need unique to their situations. Therefore, you may see it in writing or not, within the scope of reason and of law, consider all good things are possible with Míshlê because we truly care.

5. REAL EXTRA VALUE FOR EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE: Get More of the Finest Quality Help You Want for Less: Míshlê understands the value of money. To provide care for a loved one does not have to be a choice between quality and hard-earned money. We are a team that delivers the finest quality service at a price you can agree with caregivers you can admire and trust. This is one of the underlying service principles we live by here at Míshlê. Read More » In addition, Míshlê personnel, if comfortable, upon consent by the client or authorized Guardian or representative, can share spiritual activities such as prayer, singing, reading, and other fun-harmless interactive activities that enhance the quality of life and well-being. Other minor extra services not mentioned may be provided by Míshlê with no additional charges in most cases. If such services are requested, Client must properly notify Míshlê personnel for mutual agreement and upon availability and within the capacity of Míshlê personnel and/or of its staff to perform. Go to top page

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